Trust The Golié

In both hockey and football (or as we say in North America, “Soccer”) the goalie is the person who the rest of the team trusts to do their job. While it may be an unorthodox comparison, the analogy comes into focus when discussing the newest member of the Abbey Road Fine Art family of artists, Golié Miamee. The cliche goes “A picture is worth a thousand words…” and when you look at her body of work, it becomes painfully obvious that photographic artist Golié Miamee, has a lot to say.

Intrigued by the world, my love for photography, and passion for travel, have together allowed me to capture memorable moments of nature, people, places, art, culture and much more.Golié Miamee

“I am a born traveller,” she begins, “who loves to photograph and capture what I see and experience on my journeys.” Not your typical photographer, when describing herself and by extension her work she says, “A visual artist, rather than a traditional photographer, who uses photography as my canvas and digital editing as the main medium. I strive to let my audience see the world as I see it through my lens; where every photo becomes a timeless capture of that specific scene.”

Her passion for her craft is never more evident than when you have a moment to stand back and absorb not only her method and subject matter but when you go beyond the lens and digital artistry to begin seeing the questions and most times the answers found therein. It is that level of visual communication Golié describes when asked about her motivations, “Intrigued by the world, my love for photography, and passion for travel, have together allowed me to capture memorable moments of nature, people, places, art, culture and much more. I see every photograph as an image that can come to life; and hope that each one gives my viewers the same bliss and enjoyment as it does for me. I venture to expand my work by adding more destinations from around the world while developing new media techniques.”

No one is more excited about the addition of this clearly talented artist to the Abbey Road Fine Art family than we are, which begs the question, what’s next?

“The last 15 years of travels have allowed me the opportunity to compile a diverse collection of images. I am constantly going back to my expanding library of images and creating new art as I find inspiration through what I see and encounter on a daily basis. Using my professional training in computer science, graphic design and visual arts, along with my training and experience in a variety of editing and printing techniques, allow me to transform each photograph into a unique piece of art.”

In a world where stock imagery seems to overflow, the merest hint of a question about whether or not photography can truly be classified as fine art is quickly addressed when Golié says, “Each piece is unique as it has different digital editing techniques applied to it. Once the digital art is complete, it gets its permanent face put on a different medium finish depending on its subject, theme or final environment of placement. I produce my work on a variety of medium finishes ranging from photo paper, canvas, acrylic glass, wood to forex, plaster, aluminum and my signature Illuminated Black Boxes.”

Nothing embodies this phenomenally talented individual more than when addressing the simple question every artist faces, why? “We all hope to leave behind a legacy and a footprint that we are remembered by. I consider my art and ability to interpret what I see and experience as a gift and will continue to use it as the tool to shape my legacy. A gift I hope others will enjoy for years to come to see my life stories as I see them and intend for them to be remembered.”